Portraits of protest from The 99 Percent.

Mike Hipson

“It’s a great community; I love how the decision making process works. It can be, if we work towards it, a great example of a ‘perfect society work-in-progress’.”

Katie Gradowski

“I think that the most powerful thing about this movement…is in creating very public spaces where improbable groups of people can come together.”

Wayne Green

“Most people don’t know what has been enacted in the system until they are confronted with it.”

John Ford

“I encourage people to occupy everything.”

Ellen Mass

 “For me it’s a spiritual awakening that young people today really do care about their future.” 

Alex Ingram

“I’m here to occupy the mind. Revolutions can be fought on the battlefield, but they are always won in the mind.”

K Eric Martin

“By coming out here it’s helping to not only express a need for, but to demonstrate that a more democratic and egalitarian society is possible.”


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